The ski base of Nelijärve!

In winter, Nelijärve turns into a ski base, where you can, indeed, smell the wool socks. There is enough snow and enough opportunities for the lovers of winter sports.  You can ski on the track around the lake or on the President’s path:  it is 3 km to Aegviidu and 4 km to Jäneda.

For sledding, there are large, small and medium hills and everyone will find a suitable one.

If the weather conditions allow, an ice rink will be made on the lake for ice skating.  Natural ice is, of course, not as perfectly smooth as in an ice hall, but we have more than enough of fresh forest air.

After enjoying all the winter fun, have a manly meal at the pub.

You can rent skis, ice skates and sleds.

Prices of the rent:hourday
Skis, ski boots, ski poles  10 € 35 €
Ice skates  10 € 35 €
Slade  5 € 25 €
Scooter  25 € 70 €