Frozen Lake Purgatsi during the wintertime in estonia


The A. H. TAMMSAARE MUSEUM in Vargamäe

On January 29, 1978, on the 100th birthday of the writer Anton Hansen Tammsaare, the museum was opened. To complement the restored building complex, the farm house, cattle barn, cottagers’ houses and fences were rebuilt and hiking trails were created in the bogs surrounding the Tammsaare farm. It is 27 kilometres from Nelijärve to the museum (Vetepere village, Albu parish).



RMK Aegviidu-Kõrvemaa recreation area

RMK Aegviidu-Kõrvemaa recreation area stretches from the Saint Petersburg highway to the Tal-linn-Tartu highway. The recreation area is in the territory of several reserves and besides forests, one will find marshes and bogs, lakes, eskers and valleys. It is an excellent area to spend time in the wild in every season of the year – it is possible to hike, bike, ski, train hard or just walk around. The area creates plenty of opportunities for nature photographers, bird watchers, animal watchers and mushroom and berry gatherers.


RMK Aegviidu Nature Centre

In the Aegviidu Nature Centre, information about the recreational facilities in the region is shared and nature study programs are carried out.


RMK Nikerjärve camping area

The camping area by Nikerjärve near Aegviidu and Nelijärve is a suitable place to stay for hikers on the RMK trail and campers.


The blue springs of Aegviidu

Between the eskers in a small bog there is a spring lake area, where there are more than 20 springs. The shores of the lake are at times quacking and you can find here springs that are almost overgrown. In some springs, the water is teal, in some we will see the mouldering tree trunks cov-ered with travertine. A boardwalk leads to the springs. This spring area’s nature is very primeval. A stream flows out of the lake and flows into the Jänijõgi. It is 1,5 km from Nelijärve to the blue springs.


Kakerdaja fen

The Kakerdaja fen is one of the largest fens in Southern Kõrvemaa. The size of the fen array is ap-proximately 1,000 hectares. The uniqueness of the picturesque fen with numerous bog lakes is that it is located on two different levels. Thousands of water birds stop on the fen in spring and autumn. Lake Kakerdaja can be found right in the middle of the fen. The RMK nature trail runs through the Kakerdaja fen, past the Noku fire place and makes a round around the small and large Kalajärv, making it back to the Noku campfire place. The Kakerdaja fen nature trail is 8 km long, of which 3,3 km is a boardwalk. It is 18 km from Nelijärve to the starting point of the fen trail.


Aegviidu Station Anno 1870

Aegviidu, located in the heart of Kõrvemaa began to develop in the 17th century around a post station founded by the Tallinn-Tartu road. Aegwiidu Station Anno 1870. An NPO manages and de-velops the Aegviidu station, water tower and a sauna. The sauna is fully renovated and open to visitors. The renovation of the water tower and the station is in progress.


The low adventure park of Aegviidu

In January 2011, a low adventure park was opened in Aegviidu. With the support of the funding of LEADER, the Adventure Park offers year-round fun open-air activities for both children and grown-ups. In the immediate vicinity of the adventure park, a skateboard ramp is located. It is 4 km from Nelijärve to Aegviidu.



Many sporting and recreation centers are concentrated in Kõrvemaa – Nelijärve Holiday Centre, Sportland Kõrvemaa Hike and Ski resort, Aegviidu Recreation Centre, Jäneda Tourism and Black Stallion stable and Valgehobuse ski and holiday resort, Kivisaare Riding farm.

The crafts and farmers markets and parties of Jäneda, and the President’s hike on the 10 km long hike and ski trail between Nelijärve, Aegviidu and Jäneda are also popular.

Piibe road – an integrated tourism road



Piibe maantee

Piibe road has connected the two largest Estonian cities of Tartu and Tallinn for centuries. This road was the way to fairs, church and taverns, where earthly wealth and heavenly bliss was distributed, where road robbers and crooks were ambushing. This road has seen kings and soldiers, war and peace. It is the school road that was used before and is used now by the curious youth. On this road, you could have met E. Lönnrot, A.H. Tammsaare, K.E. v. Baer, Ed. Vilde, G.H. Wells, O. Luts, A. Rüütel and many other spiritual people important for both our nation and the entire world.
Piibe road

In today’s fast pace of life, it is healthy and replenishing to take time off for a moment and drive from Tallinn to Tartu, or vice-versa, along the historic Piibe road, where it is not be possible to de-velop a high speed, but it is made up by an exceptionally varied nature and many monuments that provide a cross-section of the Estonian culture and history.
Järva-Jaani Fire Fighting museum

The Järva-Jaani Fire Fighting museum built on the foundations of a former horse stable of a rectory was opened in 1999. In the museum, the flag of the fire fighting society that had been missing for 44 years, the new jubilee flag, photos, medals and diplomas can be seen. It is 31 km from Nelijärve to Järva-Jaani.


Jäneda Manor

For years, the heart of the village of Jäneda has been the Jäneda Manor. The last manor house was built by Johan von Benckendorf in the years 1913–1915. You will get the best overview of the histo-ry of Jäneda in the Jäneda Manor museum. The history of the first Estonian farm work high school is also important, since a number of Estonian politicians and agricultural scientists have studied at Jäneda. Mr Arnold Rüütel, the president of the Republic of Estonia is also an alumnus of Jäneda. It is 4 km from Nelijärve to the Jäneda Manor.

Aravete Kart tracks

20 km from Nelijärve, the largest and best kart track in Estonia and the entire Baltic states is located at Aravete. The length of the track is 1001 metres. On the Aravete motorcycle speedway, competi-tions of both kart and supermoto are held, also exciting to see as a spectator.


The green gold of Kõrvemaa – forest

Kõrvemaa has the most pine groves, but also birchwoods and spruce woods.